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Northern Europe-based Bolt Plans To Enter Into Food-Delivery Market

The food-delivery market in Europe is escalating with time, owing to which the competition among the food-delivery services providers is thriving.

A few days back, Bolt—Estonia-based transportation network company and Uber’s strong contender—revealed that it would soon enter into the food-delivery business. Initially, it will start offering delivery services at its native regions, in Estonia and Tallinn. However, the startup has planned to expand its services to Lithuania, South Africa, and South Africa by the year-end. Moreover, in the next year, the startup would possibly expand in Africa and Europe.

It would be difficult for Bolt, earlier recognized with the name of “Taxify,” to survive in the European food-delivery market, which is already occupied by several contenders. Amazon-backed Deliveroo and Uber Eats are combatively growing by providing services to several regions of the continent. On the other hand, Amsterdam-based and Britain’s Just Eat have decided to collaborate in order to form the biggest food-delivery service-providing platform other than China region.

Jevgeni Kabanov— Chief Product Officer at Bolt—stated that the company’s existing customer platform of 25 Million users would help support its new business. The company’s strategy would be to offer better services at lower prices in order to grow and sustain in the overcrowded market.

On a related note, last week, Domino’s Pizza has planned to slightly modify its delivery services, particularly for the US restaurants. It seems to be an eco-friendly initiative, as soon the domino’s delivery staff will perform their job through e-bikes, instead of cars. However, the stores will have both options, either to use e-bikes or cars, for delivering orders.

Domino’s-offered custom Rad Power e-bikes are featured with an in-built battery, which can drive the e-bike up to 40 Miles in a single charge. Along with this, the custom e-bikes would have insulated cargo spaces at the front and back for carrying the pizzas.

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