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Surging Blood Pressure Places Women At Higher Stroke Peril Than Men

Since the severity of high blood pressure surges, the peril of stroke rises by two times quickly in women in comparison with men, as per to a new study. The study raises the question of whether sex-specific guidelines might be required for monitoring high blood pressure. The high blood pressure is the most normal modifiable risk peril for stroke, which is the third major cause of death for women and the fifth major reason for men. For people below 60 Years, high blood pressure is less widespread in women than men, study authors stated. But it becomes more dominant in older women, who are less inclined to keep their blood pressure below recommended levels as they age. The new study was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Dr. Tracy Madsen—Study’s Lead Author from the Brown University—said, “Basically, our findings suggested that the peril of stroke might increase with every level of hypertension, more so in women compared to men.” Madsen’s team looked at racial differences and sex in the level of stroke and hypertension severity risk in men and women across the U.S. Over half of volunteers were women, 40% were black, and the mean age of men was 66, whereas for women it was 64 Years. The study consisted an oversampling of people residing in the southeastern states of well-known “stroke belt,” which includes Georgia, Indiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

On a related note, recently, a study showed that even a slightly surge in blood pressure during pregnancy is a bad sign. Even a small rise in blood pressure in the first trimester can spell bigger trouble later in pregnancy, as per to new research. Those troubles can comprise gestational high blood pressure, which is developed following the 20 Weeks of pregnancy, and preeclampsia (protein in the urine and high blood pressure), the scientists explained.

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