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Telecommunications Satellite ChinaSat-18 Strike By Anomalies Subsequent Launch

In the recent time, a Chinese telecommunications satellite suffered from the undetermined anomalies after a successful liftoff in the geosynchronous transfer orbit. Zhongxing-18 (ChinaSat-18)—which is a civilian telecommunications satellite to offer communications and broadcasting services across China—was launched atop of developed Long March 3B launch vehicle from the XSLC (Xichang Satellite Launch Center). The first formal verification of many Chinese launches came after 1 Hour of the launch from the CASC (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation), which is the major space contractor for the space mission, or the media subsidiary of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army).

The conjectures increased amongst Chinese space enthusiasts and watchers online as the hours passed without an official statement about the operation. Chinese state news agency Xinhua stated that the satellite was disconnected from the rocket stage as usual, but ChinaSat 18, “encountered abnormalities and space engineers are examining the cause.” No sign of the source of the issue was provided. The data was published by the US’ SSN (Space Surveillance Network) after the launch indicated two objects in the geosynchronous transfer orbit, recommending successful division of the rocket stage and the satellite.

Similarly, lately Chinese commercial rocket Smart Dragon-1 (Jielong-1) attained orbit with the first launch. A Chinese rocket organization lifted off its first rocket, effectively sending three commercial satellites in the orbit and strengthening domestic light-lift rivalry. The Smart Dragon-1 is a four-phase solid propellant rocket designed by China Rocket Co. Ltd.—which is a commercial outcome from a launch vehicle maker under the CASC—launched from a transporter erector from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. While the introduction of the Smart Dragon-1 was anticipated, there was a slight prior sign of the operation’s timing as with the mainstream of Chinese launches.

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