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Pandora Expects To Pad Its Podcast Portfolio With Direct Uploads

Pandora does not need to sit by the wayside while Spotify grabs hold of all podcast users. The streaming music platform has begun accepting podcasts for “consideration” to be added in its list. Those who need a shot just have to answer a couple of questions about their podcast, present their feed address, and hope for the best.

As earlier, Pandora is betting that the podcast edition of its Genome Project suggestion system will reel in show developers. You might be more expected to subscribe to a podcast if you are drawn in by a hot topic or special guest. Certainly, it also assists that Pandora has almost 64 Million monthly active consumers at previous check. While the consumer base will not compare to Spotify or Apple, it still amounts a lot of possible users.

This is also about leveling up with the behemoths. Especially, Spotify and Apple have marketed podcasts as essential fractions of their audio catalogs. If Pandora did not follow suit, it may lose users who need all their listening to arrive from a sole supplier.

On a related note, Pandora earlier claimed that it is launching out Voice Mode to all consumers. While you might have employed voice controls by Pandora on smart products such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa, the new function takes voice instructions to the next level. It is meant to be more similar to a personal helper for music, and it pledges to offer music selections customized to every individual user.

Voice Mode employs the data Pandora has in its list on the music, in addition to the data it has on its consumers, to carefully select artists and songs. If you ask Pandora to play new songs, for example, Voice Mode will offer a tailored playlist that is different from what a coworker or friend may get.

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