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T-Mobile And AT&T Will Now Validate Phone Calls Among Their Networks

T-Mobile and AT&T have begun launching out cross-network call authentication offerings for their users. This indicates that the firms will now be capable of notifying their users if the call they are receiving from the other supplier truly is from the number displayed on screen or if it is a robocall. Robocalls are a rising issue in the US now, with users in the nation getting swamped with 48 Billion robocalls in 2018. Call verification will not eliminate the problem, but it will offer users the option not to answer possibly unlawful calls, which can be attempts or scams to pinch their identity.

The call verification process is based on the SHAKEN/STIR standard—a framework that the FCC has been implementing for quite a time now. Ajit Pai (FCC Chairman) asked the adoption of the authentication system in 2018, asking firms that they have to get it implemented by 2019. Both T-Mobile and AT&T earlier joined hands with Comcast to apply the call verification tech. Now, it is their turn to join hands and deal with spam.

A spokesperson of AT&T also claimed that the carrier is experimenting with a method for the SHAKEN/STIR standard to operate for everybody at no additional cost. To be accurate, the firm is designing a method to make the protocol operate with AT&T Call Protect, which can ban fraudulent calls with no extra cost.

Speaking of AT&T, finally the 5G network by AT&T was made available in New York City. But the catch was you likely cannot use it, for now. The carrier provides the higher-speed wireless service in areas of NYC, but it is presently restricted to business developers and customers. That is not fully shocking when it is still restricting the Galaxy S10 5G to the corporate world, but it can be disappointing if you were expecting to livestream your newest SoHo adventures in 5G.

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