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MoviePass Has Thousands Of Its Customer Data Hacked

MoviePass has recently confessed that it had its customer’s credit data breached owing to a security issue. The security lapse was recently spotted and the system was then instantly secured. The data breach issues had surfed up on August 20. There are almost tens of thousands of customers who seem to have been affected by the breach. Earlier, the American subscription-based movie ticketing service had not circled in on the number of customers affected and only stated that it will work toward implementing better security strategies in the future. The customers affected will be notified and also will be given the approaches to be taken.

A security researcher Mossab Hussein at SpiderSilk had discovered the breach issue. The database that he had spotted contained millions of entries related to the MoviePass customer card numbers. The customers are provided with cards that can function exactly like debit cards. The customers are entitled to pay a monthly subscription charge for watching a maximum of a single movie a day. MoviePass is programmed to taken in the entire cost of a movie onto their card and following which the customers can use their cash balance to pay for watching movies at theatres. The customers have the right to know about such incidents. MoviePass has to own up and, at the same time, disclose some details about the data breach issue.

In another report, in 2017, the online ticketing service had changed its business model in order to provide a monthly price of $9.95 that the customers can use to watch one movie per day. The popularity of the plan had reached the skies but still it had to be forcefully shut due to a low bank balance. However, though the service has been resumed, it has to still face many difficulties.

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