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Amazon Introduces 400 New Jobs For Its Hub In Portland

Amazon is one of the top online retailers that have its business irately expanding at an unexpected rate. The company has lately decided to expand its tech hub in terms of size so as to include almost 400 new jobs. The hub in Portland is currently the target for the online retailer. The company has reported that its center in Portland had started its expansion back right from 2015 wherein it had shelled out $296 Million for purchasing the startup Elemental Technology. Amazon has been hiring many people mainly for the warehouse duties that seem to be getting difficult to handle with its expanding business.

For the Oregon hub, Amazon had added 3,500 jobs till date and most of it for the warehouses. The company has also set up massive data centers in eastern parts of Oregon and Morrow County. The company had a slow start in Oregon but its economy all of a sudden expanded at a faster rate in 2018. On a global platform, technology is currently one of the most highly paid and more than $115,000 can be expected to be paid as a wage. In comparison to the state average, the amount is almost double of that.

On the same note, the company is also planning for a massive campus in the South Indian city named Hyderabad. The reason for the Seattle-headquartered company to shift its focus to India is the low e-commerce consumption of about less than 3% in India in comparison to the consumption. The company wants to furiously expand and outdo its rival Walmart Inc. Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos has till date spent $5.5 Billion on all its Indian operations. This large facility will have 15,000 employees which is quite bigger to its Seattle headquarter that accommodates 5000 employees. This new facility will help build services on a global platform.

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