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Singapore Allows Firms Apply For Trademarks Using Mobile App

Startups and businesses now can apply for trademark protection through a new mobile application, which targets to cut the procedure from the present average time of almost an hour to less than 10 Minutes. The app is controlled by the IPOS (Intellectual Property Office of Singapore), which discloses that trademark apps in the nation have increased by 30% over the past 5 Years.

Dubbed as IPOS Go, the application is accessible on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Trademark members also will be capable of receiving notification about essential updates, tracking their registration status, and submitting trademark renewals through the app, claimed IPOS.

As per the IP office, the mobile application is incorporated with AI tech so it can detect analogous trademarks on the IPOS register and stop members from filing trademarks that are very same to current ones.

It claimed that this was essential as over 40% of trademarks filed all over the world had images, mentioning numbers from CompuMark. IPOS claimed that the AI ability might assist businesses in better controlling their products as trademark filings worldwide carried on elevate.

On a related note, Singapore is seeking to launch minimum 40 rules to assist guide the adoption and development of new techs, such as additive manufacturing, drones, and video analytics. SSC (Singapore Standards Council) over the past year has been issuing new rules to support promising sectors comprising areas detected below Singapore’s industry transformation roadmaps and smart nation efforts.

These consist of 19 new rules that spanned productivity, innovation, jobs & skills, and internationalization, and in sectors that comprise environment services, where a national rule was issued to provide guidance on the installation, design, maintenance, and operation of a pneumatic waste conveyance system. Production of such systems might require complying with the new standard from next year.

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