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TriEye Raises $19 Million To Improve Dark Vision Technology Of Its Cameras

With the mission of making the autonomous driving experience smooth and safe, the Israel-based semiconductor supplier, TriEye, has increased its financial demand from $17 Million to $19 Million in Series A round led by Porsche. The semiconductor company is working on SWIR (short wave infrared) imaging technology to generate appropriate view in dark as well as adverse weather conditions.

CEO Avi Bakal stated that the company would cautiously utilize this funding amount in speeding up the development of upcoming tech-based products, boosting the operations, and focus on recruiting.

The expansion in the Series A fund round and strategic investment by Porsche indicates that SWIR will be used as a groundbreaking technology in designing better and safer ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems). Founded by Bakal in 2016, but the actual research on this technology was begun almost a decade back by Uriel Levy at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. At present, Levy is the CTO of TriEye.

On a similar note, Snap—an American tech and camera company—has come up with its third generation of cameras-integrated spectacles. The company has introduced new 3D effects in wearable, which can be visualized while using Snapchat. The users can capture 3D shots with the help of dual-angle cameras, 3D filters, and 3D lenses equipped in the wearables.

The 3D effect-producing dual cameras, each installed at the topmost exterior corner of the lenses, are capable of capturing HD shots and making the footage at 60 fps. Snap has equipped a four-microphone array in the spectacles, which would considerably improve the audio quality of the captured content.

Moreover, a button is present on either side of the spectacles, which starts capturing shots or making footage when pressed.

The major feature brought in by Snap in its most-recent spectacles is the 3D effect, which would be effectively regulated by Snap’s software.

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