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Stunning Pictures Show Something Eerie Similarity In Asteroid Ryugu’s Rocks

Rocks on the surface of the distant asteroid, Ryugu, at present being examined by Hayabusa-2, the Japanese space probe, shows a remarkable similarity to rocks from meteorites that have smashed down on our planet. This conclusion was attained by a team of Japanese and European researchers who examined newly issued images that were captured by MASCOT, the robotic lander of Hayabusa-2, back in October 2018, from the surface of the asteroid.

As the asteroid is deemed to hold matter from the earliest times of our Solar System, the astonishingly similarity of the dust-free asteroid to rocks discovered on Earth can have great implications for comprehending the past of our planet. Few of the rocks appear like carbonaceous chondrite meteorites that have been discovered collided on Earth, as per the study of the team, issued in the Science journal.

Carbonaceous chondrites are few of the oldest recognized rocks within the Solar System, however, the samples here on our planet were changed as they traveled across the atmosphere. When samples will be eventually brought back down to Earth by Hayabusa-2, researchers will finally have a chance to examine the space rocks in their actual form. German Aerospace Center’s Rolf Jaumann, stated, “What we have from these pictures is actually understanding how the material and rocks are dispersed on this asteroid’s surface, what is the weathering history of this material, and the geologic context. It is the foremost data on this sort of stuff in its original environment.”

Likewise, the researchers at Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA declared that the asteroid 2019 QQ leaped by Earth on the night of August 23, as per Inquisitr. The gigantic asteroid was only found earlier this week as it was discovered on August 21 by NASA—merely 2 Days prior to it flew by our planet. This near-miss was its nearest-ever approach to our planet, as per the JPL.

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